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Phone Service

Call landline and mobile phones directly from Microsoft Teams

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Phone Service

Microsoft Teams Calling allows you to make and receive phone calls directly through the app on your mobile device, desktop, or web portal. It also provides a range of features and options for businesses.

Microsoft Teams Phone Service costs as low as $10.49 per month. Pay only for what you use with no monthly minimums or contracts.

Small Business Owners

Microsoft Teams
Phone Service Features

Phone Number

Use one main phone number or a phone number for each location.

Professional Greeting

Greet each caller with a professional greeting and route them to the correct department.

Ring Groups
& Queues

Ring a group of phones or play custom hold music until the next call agent is free.


Users can forward calls to collegues, voicemail, or an external phone number.


Transfer calls to collegues, groups, or between your PC, phone, or mobile

Shared Line Appearance

Allow another user to make and receive calls on your behalf. Great for support staff.


Record all or select calls capture missed or forgotten details and improve service.

Email Notifications

Receive voicemail, missed calls, notifications in Teams and email.

Microsoft Teams
Phone Service FAQ

Our phone service is not priced per user or device.  You pay only for the resources you use which saves you a bundle compared to other services.

Contact us at (888) 304-0124 for a free phone bill analysis to see how much you can expect to save.

At a minimum, Microsoft Teams Phone Service will cost the price of your phone number and the required Microsoft 365 licenses. Any incoming and outgoing calls are debited from your voice account. At the end of each month, your account is replenished automatically.

For example, if your voice account is set to $20 and you use $12 during the billing period. You will only be billed $12.


Required Microsoft 365 Licenses

Phone Numbers
US/CAN 10 Digit Number or Toll Free-Number – $2.49 / per month

Inbound Calls
10-Digit Number – $0.015 / per minute
Toll-Free Number – $0.024 / per minute

Outbound Calls
US/CAN – $0.012 / per minute 

Yes, we can port your US, Canadian, and international phone numbers to your account. However, there are rare cases where a phone number cannot be ported.

Learn more about the USA FCC’s porting rules.

You can use your existing phones and devices if they are Microsoft Teams Compatible Device list. 

Yes, but you have to submit a support request to enable international calling. We restrict calling outside of the USA and Canada by default for security.

Yes, you can send and receive faxes. Our fax service is included. Learn more.

We take securing your account our top priority.

  1. All data is encrypted between GMT Solutions and Microsoft Teams using TLS 1.2 encryption. TLS 1.2 is required by Microsoft to ensure best-in-class encryption to safeguard your data.  
  2. Daily spending limits are enforced on all voice accounts to minimize the risk of fraud.
  3. International calling destinations must be enabled.
  4. We assist our clients to secure their Microsoft 365 accounts.

Contact an agent at (888) 304-0124 or submit a request on our contact page

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